Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our First Five Years

HOW IN THE HELL DID I SURVIVE A FULL 5 YEARS? A large part of these years were spent with Steve being deployed either at a school, training program, or overseas. Poor Rylan! So many days I was absolutely effin convinced I was NOT going to make it! Here are 3 vital lessons I have learned.


They are way cheaper than a shrink or a quick stint in the loony bin!

Reach out when you feel like you are at your breaking point. ALL of us get there but many don't talk about it! It is totally OK NOT to be that perfect Pinterest Crafty Constant Cheesy Family Smiley Face! Surround yourself with friends WHO GET IT AND WHO ARE REAL!

I love the HELL out of all you girls and no names need to be mentioned. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Sometimes you just have to admit you can be a total bitch and your husband can be a dick. Once you say it and realize it, Life seems to run so much smoother!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Man I Feel Like A Woman

11:15 AM Julie: Ok, so you know my uncle that I told you is dying, My Uncle John......Funniest shit...So he's in a hospice - The doctors gave him about a week to live. HE TRIED TO ESCAPE THE HOSPICE LAST NIGHT.....IN WOMENS CLOTHING HE STOLE FROM A COMATOSE WOMAN!!! BUAHAHAHAHAHA
Julie: My uncle just passed away :(
 me: Ohhhhhhh suck
7:16 PM Are they going to bury him in the women's clothes he stole? Please say yes.
  Too soon?
7:17 PM Sorry
7:19 PM Julie: I fucking love you. Hahahhahahaha
7:21 PM me: I'm laughing so hard
 Julie: If I die. I want YOU to write my eulogy. End of story.
7:22 PM me: I love your Uncle with all my soul for trying to escape Hospice by stealing a comatose woman's clothes.
 Julie: Shivo'd!
7:23 PM me: I'm fucking dying
 Julie: Epic. He went out like a CHAMP.
 me: God bless him.
  I love the shit out of him
 Julie: RIGHT??
7:24 PM Best story ever.
 me: EVER
  I don't even have a story to top that.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Epic Mom Fail

I have not posted on my personal blog in a LONG time so you know
It must be something good!

Last night I attended the 9-11 candle light memorial at Tempe Town Lakes with three excited happy three year old's who thought we were all there to play at the park.

(What toddler that sees all of his buddies on a random Sunday night isn't going to assume that)

I was trying to explain to Rylan the importance and meaning behind all of the flags and why they are very very special.

I told him:
Every flag represents someone who died in a very sad way and that is why Daddy fights and works for these flags so that nobody ever gets hurt again."
This morning on our way to school he saw an American Flag.

He tells me:

"My Dad will kill all the people for the American Flag, Kill them Mom"

Oh what a joy picking up Rylan from his new Christian School will be this afternoon.

"Mrs. Gregorich, Rylan told all of his friends today that his Dad kills people"

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The kiddos singing their Abc's and Bah Bah Black sheep! It was super windy but so ridiculously adorable!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nothing better than dancing in the rain!!!

Dance Party Rain Style!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Memory Lane! - The Day Steve Popped The Question

My bestest friend Julie just got engaged and has been floating since Friday night telling anyone and everyone how he "did it". Eeeeeek SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!

It prompted me to take a trip down memory lane! I am very happy that I wrote it all down because this old woman's memory is fading! My proposal involved, weed, being arrested, and interrogation!

How it all happened….. ..

On Monday night Steve went over to my parents house after work and bravely asked their permission for my hand in marriage as well as their blessing. They both said yes, my Mom and Dad were very impressed with his sincerity.

Monday afternoon, Steve told me that I needed to show up at the Air Force base on Wednesday at 5:00 for an appointment with the financing department to go over our health insurance for the baby. He made a big ordeal about how it is vital that I am not late because he will be in a lot of trouble.

So today I show up at the base 15 minutes ahead of time. I pull up to the gate and show my ID, and then the guy at the gate with a large pistol strapped securely to his side let’s me know they have to search my vehicle. I open all the doors for him and the glove box and step off to the side all while stressing about not being late for this damn appointment.

He performs his security check in the front seat and then makes his way to the back seat and takes a bit longer than what seems necessary.

When he walks back around my car what does he have in his hand…. A little bag of weed! He asks me again if this is my vehicle and how I can explain marijuana being in my car. My mouth hits the floor!

My car has been in the shop for almost a month, so of course some punk ass kid probably left his weed in the backseat of my car!! Oh this is just going to look FANTASTIC to Steve and everyone on base! His pregnant girlfriend shows up on base with weed in her car that she "swears isn’t hers!" Just my freaking luck, honestly… NOTHING surprises me anymore. NOTHING!

So they call the Supervisor on base who meets meet at my car, they advise me they will be stripping my car and towing it until further investigation can take place. He let’s me know that he is taking me to an interrogation room to speak with a detective and that I need to give a written statement and that Gregorich will be in trouble as well.

I am just mortified, terrified, confused, and angry all at one time! I try to make a joke and ask him, "Please tell me I am being Punkd" he says excuse me Ma’m? I tell him "it’s a show on MTV"… He says "never seen it ma’m" No laughing, no joking, just a stone cold face. Awkward...

I am of course holding back my tears as best I can! I am lead into this room that has one small single chair and they take all my belongings from me and let me know I will receive 1 phone call. Where is Steve to make this all better????!!!! I am thinking to myself!! The supervisor leaves the room, and I just cover my face and start crying.

Steve shows up and says I’m the detective here to ask you a question… "Will you marry me?"

It was the most amazing, wonderful, thoughtful, romantic way I could ever have imagined being asked to marry the love of my life. I am happy to announce I said yes, and we made it "official" and the "weed" found in my car was just cat nip that was planted in my car!

They were ALL in on the surprise and it was Perfect!